HF Concept Works

Collaboration with Haute Fabrications staff working will allow assisting clients in efforts ranging from concept evaluation, design, development, prototyping, testing and manufacturing.


Rapid Prototyping Academy

The opportunity to work with startups and entrepreneurs preparing concepts to build prototypes with low-rate initial production yet affording plans for the future. This opportunity allows seamless transition to proceed to low rate multiple components fabrication while developing a foundation for operational processes in preparation for mass production

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Manufacturing Academy

Training from the Haute Fabrication’s team of engineering experts engaging clients with global innovation for all aspects of Additive, Subtractive and Conventional Manufacturing

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The planned launch for our artificial intelligence enabled platform provides for a next generation laser sintering machine prototype. The prototype design is currently being tentatively configured as a 81 laser X 5000 mm x Y 5000 mm x Z ~5000 – 7500 mm build area designed. The system capabilities also enable more lasers for faster builds and fabrications for special purpose or timely fabrication requirements.

With fabrications extending to on-demand rapid tools and creation of small to extremely large molds, castings and dies thereby facilitates onsite optimized mass production of components, castings, extrusions and stampings.

Haute Fabrication patent pending system design and methods is an amalgamation of fabrication hardware automation utilizing collaborative robotics handling and processing supported by an all-encompassing software platform solution, employing a cloud based control system with artificial intelligence and machine learning presents itself as “Manufacturing As Symbiotic Service (MaSS)”.

The cloud based control software which we are developing yields a foundation for its utilization with SLS, DMLS, DMD, EBM, FDM, SLA, BJ, CNC and EDM machining, Plasma spray and extends to other current efforts including utilization with biomedical 3D printers’ and is culminated with robotic automation of other conventional fabrication methods.

Haute Fabrications utilizes Specialized Manufacturing using Advanced Robotics Technology (SMART) commonly referred to as Automated Manufacturing Technology (AMT). The goal was a robust next generation integrated fabrication and manufacturing solution as formidable go to source for one-off production or for contract fabrication and manufacturing needs rather than chase niche markets with limited upside against entrenched competitors.

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