Our mission and vision

"One Team, One Mission, One Common Goal!" embodies the philosophy needed to fulfill the mission of Haute Fabrication to become thee exclusive go to supply chain provider for full-service design, development, manufacturing and assembly services, utilizing automation and robotics for fabrication and manufacturer for prototypes, small run and mass manufacturing requirements. It articulates the corporation's overarching values, and defines concrete principles and a code of conduct that its employees will follow in their daily business activities. "One Team, One Mission, One Common Goal!" will facilitate management and employee innovation and attention to detail, promote a unified direction for the exploration and implementation of the corporate vision. One team to expand our local and global business activities, help bring sustainable and dependable highly innovative technology and revolutionary solutions to every corner of the globe.

By our corporate management and supporting workforce promoting artificial intelligence, cloud computing, adaptive methods and processes, Haute Fabrication will maintain a deep commitment to corporate growth but realizing our social and environmental responsibility as a distributed Global Engineering Group and Global Manufacturer. Our credo is built on solid foundations of highly developed processes we can enhance worker safety, eliminate material waste, engage a thorough recycling program and enhance our productivity. This determination to live and work together for the ultimate common good, "One Team, One Mission, One Common Goal!" imbues everything we do: from research and development, to product design, engineering, fabrication, assembly, manufacturing, marketing, sales and distribution.

We believe that by conducting our stated philosophy in conjunction with our activities in accordance with adaptive lean six sigma processes, we will maximize the value of Haute Fabrication and promote a unified coherent team, better serving our customers and business partners, and enhance our benefit and working relations in the communities in which we operate and to the global society as a whole.

Haute Fabrication believes we have a responsibility to ensure our operations and processes are safe for our workers and are environmentally sound. We shall enact these standards for our employees safety and environmental consideration to every aspect of our operations. At every stage, we will make energy and material resource conservation and the elimination of hazardous elements our highest goals. This is our corporate philosophy, and it will propel us as we work together in contributing to the prosperity of humanity and the preservation of the world we share.

Inventor, Founder Kevin L. Friesth