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Haute Farbication uses Additive Manufacturing, generally known as 3D printing, is a method of producing physical objects from a variety of materials, one layer at a time until fabrication is completed. Additive fabrication begins with a virtual object (3D model data) and sequentially adds layer after layer of material according to the G-Code splice data used for each layer until a finished component is fabricated.

This is in stark contrast to more traditional subtractive fabrication which starts with material and G-Code which then proceeds to form and shape (or subtract) material until a finished component is fabricated. From man’s early beginnings with the stone age fabrication of axes to today's high performance computer network controlled milled metal parts, the same techniques have been the dominant method of fabrication for literally thousands of years. Even though although additive fabrication is primarily still in its infancy, 3D fabrication is now poised to greatly challenge the perceived school of thought of using traditional technologies in a number of areas and uses. Certain areas such as rapid prototyping, it already has become the technology of choice.

The keys to additive fabrication are the abilities to model three dimensional objects and to precisely position and bind together component materials. Advances in computer technology and 3D CAD modeling in particular have made easily produced digital 3D models realized for small lot manufacturing and with Haute Fabrication technology the ability for the fabrication to mass produced. Advances in industrial machinery and materials technology have made precise positioning of a variety of materials a reality.

Haute Fabrication technology and real time analysis also allows real time repair of fabrication discrepancies before the fabrication continues. Unlike other additive manufacturing systems, unaddressed internal fabrication porosity flaws and errors can result in a faulty part and down time if allowed out to a customer and thereby requiring another entire fabrication for replacement of the component.

Haute Fabrication cutting edge additive fabrication machine is start of the art that can produce nearly error free components with precision and scaling rivaling precision milling and molding. Haute Fabrication can do this with a variety of materials from plastics to metals and even glass. These bleeding edge advantages offers possibilities of additive fabrication of endless creation potential only limited by a designers imagination.