Hybrid Direct Laser Sintering (HDLS) is an industrial 3D printing process that builds fully functional metal prototypes and production parts typically in 10 days or less. A very wide range of metals produce proof of concept, prototypes or production parts that can be directly used for end-use applications. Fabrications that typically required several parts due to internal channels or supports that in a monolithic build that would be impossible to fabricate with traditional manufacturing processes. HDLS additive metal fabrication delivers dense complex geometries, thermal and corrosive resistant and high strength parts which can be further treated through thermal processes, coating and sterilization with client required quality assurance testing.

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Haute Fabrication HDLS Systems

With launch of our automated very large format HDLS 1000 prototype build, it will be the new world’s largest and fastest laser sintering system depending on configuration at nearly 2 to 5 times faster, 52 times the build area by volume and 52 times the build weight capacity of the multiple million-dollar former world’s largest legacy DMLS printer.

Our full scale automated gigantic format HDLS 5000 system will be roughly 20 times faster, 468 times the build area by volume and 468 times the build weight capacity of the competitors’ largest DMLS system. Capability for steel alloys, nickel and titanium stainless steel super alloys, ceramics, aluminum alloys and polymer or polymer additive based fabrication.

Technology Amalgamation

Haute Fabrications utilizes Specialized Manufacturing using Advanced Robotics Technology (SMART) commonly referred to as Automated Manufacturing Technology (AMT).

The goal was a robust next generation integrated fabrication and manufacturing solution as formidable go to source for one-off production or for contract fabrication and manufacturing needs.

Haute Fabrication HDLS Systems - Lab Scale to Utility Class Fabrication Systems

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Haute Fabrication Hybrid HDLS Technology VS DMLS Competitors

The HDLS 500 and HDLS 1000 and HDLS 5000 represents the World’s Largest, Fastest and Highest Quality Laser Fabrication Systems. The World’s ONLY” Laser Sintering Fabrication Systems designed and developed from day one and from the ground up to be entirely Automated and Roboticized.

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The Haute Fabrication HDLS systems are an additive layer manufacturing system for metal components. It builds high quality metal parts from 3D CAD data fully automatically, with no need for tooling, jigs or assemblies. The HDLS machine begins melting each layer, first starting with the raft support structures to the build plate, then the part itself and other support structures. The system builds parts up layer by layer via slices of 3D CAD data by melting fine metal powder with a laser beam, thus enabling the creation of extremely complex geometries. After a cross-section layer of powder is micro-fused, the build platform shifts down and a recoater blade moves across the platform to deposit the next fresh layer of powder particles while inside an inert build chamber.

The fabrication process is to be repeated layer by layer from slices of 3D CAD data until the targeted build design is complete. Parts with extremely complex geometries can be fabricated that were previously unmanufacturable or too costly convention manufacturing such as with CNC machining, including internal support structures and three-dimensional cooling channels. Innovative companies are using this technology for fast, flexible, cost-effective prototypes, series production parts or even spare parts.

When the fabrication is complete, the build is administered to a robotic process cell to remove a majority of loose powder, this may be followed by appropriate heat-treat cycle such as further annealing, hot isostatic pressing or precipitation hardening while fabrications are still attached to build plate from the material supports to improve densities, relieve any stresses or to infer hardening to the fabrications. Parts are removed from the build platform and support structures are removed from the parts via robotic process cells, they are then finished with robotic smoothing, CNC processes such as deburring and smoothing and any needed bead or slurry blasting. Final HDLS parts are near 100 percent dense.

DMLS is a well know leading technology for toolmaking. With its very high accuracy and surface quality, the system is ideal for building tool, jigs and assemblies. The freedom of design innovation allowed by this additive manufacturing process allows for conformal cooling channels to be integrated into parts to reduce injection molding cycling times by up to 75%. This direct process eliminates tool-path generation and multiple machining processes such as CNC Mill, CNC Lathe and EDM. These processes are mainly used for injection molding; however it can also be used for other tooling types including blow molding, extrusion, die casting, sheet metal forming, etc.

The system is equipped with a solid state 1,100 watt lasers which provides exceptionally high quality parts during the building process. The system operates in a protective inert atmosphere, allowing a wide range of materials to be used ranging from light alloys via steels to super-alloys, titanium and composites. The Haute Fabrication systems offer an extremely wide range of powdered metal materials with corresponding parameter sets and standardized property profiles. In addition, all materials are subjected to an intensive artificial intelligence machine learning for powder process development procedure and constant high quality assurance.

Our goal was to fabricate with near forged quality but at casting prices with thermal processing such as annealing and thermal stress processing the fabrications during the initial fabrication as a single amalgamated process. HDLS technology is ideal for a variety of applications including the creation of conformal cooling channels for injection molding tooling, mold inserts, heat exchangers, implants, jewelry, rocket engines, turbine blades, casings and any other parts that are difficult or impossible to create using CNC machining and thermal processed during the build for near forged quality.

We plan to service all major industries including medical, industrial, aerospace, government, military, automotive, and consumer goods. To ensure the highest quality parts, targets to be ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2003, and AS9100D certified as well as ITAR and FDA registered.