Fabrication Design – HF’s solutions transform design engineering through consolidation of parts and assemblies to promote increased productivity, reduced excess manpower utilization, reduce material usage, reduction of component weight and greatly improved component usefulness and expected lifespans.

Rapid Molds – HF’s innovative solutions for precise mold and tool design and fabrication offers creative geometries, highly complex injection and cast molded parts at a considerable cost savings of time and money. Accelerate the deliverables of high quality components with high precision tolerances.

Rapid Tools and Dies – HF’s fabrication of tools and dies save time and money by optimizing productivity; it shortens timelines while hastening deliverables. Embrace HF’s enhanced solutions for rapid tool and die fabrication to maximize return on investment.

Rapid Jigs and Fixtures - Produce optimized jigs and fixtures at low acquisition costs. HF’s solutions offer highly flexible, very short timelines and deliverables to speed up processes to market. Multiple material utilization for jig and fixture construction, finishing and coating.

Limited Run and Mass Production – On demand prototype and short-run production availability on short notice. Need full manufacturing and assembly capability anywhere on the world? HF’s On Demand Services provide a high quality mass production and assembly of any geometry, finish or quantity.

Automated Quality Control - Non Destructive Evaluation and Testing to rapidly analyze and measure components using HF’s SMART software utilizing 3D scanners and other sensor testing. Provides for fast, precise measurement and analysis through use of artificial intelligence for the highest quality control processes for high quality and high precision components.