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Need Proof of Concept, Fully Functional or Demonstration Grade Prototype Manufacturer or Mass Manufacturing – We have you covered!

Haute Fabrication utilizes a wide variety of prototyping techniques and custom tailors the process to your product’s needs.  We understand that prototyping is an iterative process that is meant to improve and perfect your product and its reliability to ready it for manufacturing and sales.  In between prototype stages, we work with the client to temper expectations with rational design specifications to enable product testing, refinement and engineering improvements for high quality development output. Haute Fabrication fabricates custom prototypes for concept validation, marketing, fund-raising and demonstration, product refinement and to prepare designs for manufacturing.

Are you looking for a prototype to test proof of concept functionality, need to show your idea to investors, or display to impress potential consumers? Haute Fabrication has a wide range of services and have the experience to help guide you based on your intended outcome and budget.

For engineers and product designers in search of rapid prototyping services to speed up product development cycles, Haute Fabrication offers a variety of manufacturing processes that can be used to create functional prototypes quickly and affordably. Although there are typically countless different ways that any individual prototype can be fabricated, it is ultimately up to engineering to determine which process and material is best suited for a product. With Haute Fabrications, advancements in automated additive manufacturing technology and robotic processing makes 3D printing a go-to choice for engineers in search of rapid prototyping solutions: parts can be printed quickly and cheaply in a variety of different metals, plastics and ceramics. At Haute Fabrication, some 3D printed parts, may even be fabricated and shipped in as little as a single day or in a matter of days and produced at a low cost.

What differentiates Haute Fabrication from other prototyping houses is our in-house fabrication technology and we are well also versed in the following prototype techniques.  We combine these different methodologies and technologies, as needed, to custom fabricate functional and demonstration grade prototypes.

Prototyping Techniques

  • Custom Fabrication for Working Prototypes
  • Rapid Prototyping, 3D DMLS and SLS printing and SLA parts
  • CNC, Stamping, Machining and Metal Fabrication
  • Temporary Molds and Castings
  • Foam and Proof of Concept Models
  • Custom Board Fabrication and Electronic Prototypes
  • Low Run, Beta Test, Market Test Units

Not sure what prototyping method will fit your needs, or your budget? The value of visualizing and testing your product in the real world is priceless, and there are a number of methods to choose from to visualize your goals. We can handle anything from single or mixed material products, to simple or complex hardware, formed or cast metals though to electronics,


With an endless range of options, it can sometimes be difficult to choose a prototype method. Our goal is not to simply make prototypes, but to provide a valuable feedback loop into production. Contact us today for a consultation: