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Haute Fabrication is a multi-faceted full featured strategic service provider with industrial design and engineering consulting for a full-service creative product development department and complimented with our fabrication capabilities. Haute Fabrication integrates industrial, mechanical, electrical, software and graphic design with full rapid prototyping and complete program management. Haute Fabrication offers a full range of creative product development services; including concept innovation, cad, graphics, proof of concept model making and including design documentation.

We provide a range of services starting with basic design research and strategic planning to inform the design and development process with an innovative design process. This takes concepts from research through development and into prototyping and design for manufacture followed by mass manufacturing. This sets the foundation for our use of systematic and pragmatic set of frameworks, setting the stage for the creation of our clients’ success.

Our expertise in research strategy and innovative design helps us create compelling realistic product design for strategic positioned products with inherent competitive advantages that connect with end-users for marketplace success. Our own amalgamation of additive with conventional fabrication with automation and robotics to augmented reality and virtual reality gives us insight into the plausible into reality. Our strength is from our multiple dimensional approach is "linking ideas to reality" and “reality to success” for our clients. Making the “what is plausible into what’s possible” into an actual reality.

Product development with a highly experienced staff of industrial designers and engineers with done that and been there innovators helps create breakthrough products and experiences that deeply resonate with users and build lasting business success for clients. We believe that true innovation arises when talent and spirited intellectual engagement meet business acumen and a deep understanding of consumer needs and desires. With expertise in strategy, design, and technology, Haute Fabrication uncovers and explores exceptional opportunities and business model canvas to transforms them into sustainable solutions in the market that move business forward and keep it moving.

The culmination of our emphasis on People, Process and Performance allows our clients to successfully and cost effectively take their product to market faster, with a "well-balanced" innovative product and a sustainable market presence, while saving crucial development dollars and preserving critical time in the process. We use innovative design thinking to help customers navigate the speed, complexity, and business opportunity areas of today's world. Our client range is to support from start-ups to large international corporations. Contact us to get started today!