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Haute Fabrication offers a vast amount choices of standard and exotic polymers materials with exceptional mechanical for high quality fabrications with additive manufacturing. Our polymer powders, resins and filaments for additive manufacturing are developed to offer you the optimum printer-materials combination for your application and meet even your most demanding industrial needs.

Haute Fabrication will work with its customers to achieve the custom fabrication of their unique material and geometric needs. This may include development of custom formulation of polymer powder and resin materials and the development of customized manufacturing methods and processes. We may frequently partner with both large and small business, universities, non-profits, and government agencies on specialized and targeted research programs.

Here at Haute Fabrication, we can supply you with your specific polymer material you need for your custom 3D printing process. We can provide a number of polymer materials and we can supply your polymer materials in the quantities you need in order to satisfy your customer demands for standard and custom parts and polymers and composite products.