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Haute Fabrication is poised to compete in the supply chain market with advanced fabrication methods as a localized alternative to challenging global import and export environments due to tariffs and protectionist policies with regional freight and logistic challenges. Customer Fulfillment Centers and strategic partners to deploy products and services in a globally distributed for a localized provisioning arrangement.

Our design philosophy has been to operate extremely lean and allow our customers with on-demand manufacturing and assembly to also operate under lean premise which includes lean storage We did this through use keeping the team small and tightly focused on lean processes but engaging advisors and consultants on an as needed basis along with helpful volunteers through our research and development efforts. This allowed development progress while not required large cash infusions or heavy debt or debt equity incursion

Our approach has been a slowly developing revolutionary technology rather than utilization of excessive evolutionary system design based on old legacy engineering. Our funding has mostly through personal finances and with friends and family funding and some personal guarantee notes that allowed us to keep our independence. That gave us the ability to be flexible with strategic partners and take the time necessary to do development the right way without skipping steps and limiting development to meet externally dictated timelines.

Integrating automated mass production scale additive technologies like our massive Hybrid Direct Laser Sintering (Hybrid DMLS and SLS) system, Direct Material Deposition (DMD), Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) and Stereolithography (SLA), Binder Jetting with modern fabrication methods such as casting molding, dies, jigs, fixtures, injection, pressing, welding and plating. Integrating automated hybrid subtractive manufacturing technologies such as Plasma or Water cutter, Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM), machining, lathe and other methods.

The goal of Haute Fabrication is utilizing artificial intelligence integration to monitor, analyze and control the automation of the entire precision driven system for very robust fabrication and manufacturing in a monolithic factory lights out automated manufacturing setting. Optimizing design through shipment processes to provide stress free automated manufacturing with robotics handling and processing.