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Haute Fabrication offers a vast amount choices of standard, alloy, super alloy and custom alloys for  ferrous and non-ferrous metals in powdered particle form typically as an alloy of various elements. Powders are a dry powder utilizing bulk solid with inert gas containment to reduce oxidation and moisture contamination; powders are composed of a large number of very fine particles, custom alloy creation available.

Here at Haute Fabrication, we can supply you with your specific powdered metal you need for your custom 3D metal printing process. We can provide a number of metal powders and we can supply your metal powder in the quantities you need in order to satisfy your customer demands for standard and custom parts and metal products.

Wherever there’s a need for the highest possible lifecycle performance in conditions of extreme heat, wear and corrosion, Haute Fabrication’s metal powders can be a huge cost-saving supply option. With the advent of additive manufacturing, metal powder fabrication unlocks step-change improvements in weight, integration, buy-to-fly-ratio and design in aerospace, biomedical and other applications. For the best possible source of integrated powder metal engineering, prototyping and production, you can count on Haute Fabrication.

Haute Fabrication delivers high quality metal powders, also offering extreme custom alloy compositions for mission critical applications with a refined microstructure that offer increased performance and longer useful lives in high-temperature and highly corrosive environments.

Haute Fabrications standard, alloy, special alloy and customized alloy powder advantages

  • Longer useful life / reduced lifecycle costs
  • Greater wear resistance and superior high temperature properties
  • Enhanced Ultrasonic (UT) and Computerized Comography (CT) inspectability
  • Increased innovative design flexibility
  • Improved machinability

Process Advantages

  • Superior cleanliness using inert containment gas
  • Homogeneous microstructure
  • Free-flowing spherical powder particles
  • Almost limitless custom alloying possibilities

The powder metallurgy process and powder metal parts offer many advantages. First, it is highly efficient. This is especially true because it is automated. Second, it is low cost. In addition, the process creates little waste. Another great benefit of powder metallurgy is the fact that it can create such uniform metal parts.