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Manufacturing Academy will assist companies to attain their goals with new products or redesign existing products, many products that use complex geometries and multiple parts can commonly be integrated into a combined part. This process thereby reduces not only lower manufacturing costs but also reducing assembly costs. This step can help reduce part count which reduces inventory requirements.

For those customers that need a new solution, we can circle around to lessons that can be learned from participating with the Prototype Academy that can be incorporated for your ideas and concepts to help transform your dreams into a reality.  Our Manufacturing Academy is being specifically setup to handle the process of designing, evaluating, testing and building your component.  The combination of artificial intelligence with robotics and through the utilization of state of the art high precision machines in cooperation with our engineering experts to help with your ewquirements for a robust and durable product.

Haute Fabrication’s Manufacturing Academy will utilize our Customer Fulfillment Centers integrating additive, subtractive and conventional manufacturing and incorporating collaborative robotics handling and processing.

Our experienced design engineers using state of the art hardware and software will offer quick virtual design iterations, assist with proof-of-concept fabrications and design build testing, scaled models, functional and estimated life expectancy testing and analysis. HF will assist customers design and develop new products or redesign existing products and solve engineering challenges by providing intelligent and cost-effective analysis and recommendations for fabrication and assembly.

Haute Fabrication will offer unparalleled access to state of the art design and development tools for accepted methods of additive, subtractive and conventional manufacturing. This provides customers access to the ability to run numerous iterations of test form, fit, and functionality for the highest accuracy and precision of the final products or components.