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Haute Fabrication, Inc. is positioning itself to be and unparalleled global hybrid manufacturer. With patent pending technologies necessary to create a symbiotic supply chain ecosystem the will take customers from idea to finished product and any point in between. We aim the be more than just a means of production. We are here to build the foundation of the future. Our vision is one where everyone, from entrepreneurs to large corporations, can access the same exceptional quality manufacturing and service. We are working hard to build our dreams to that we can help you build yours.


Haute Fabrication has the technologies and vision to bring manufacturing into the 21st century. Too often new technologies are used for a single giant to maintain market dominance. We believe that all companies from sprout to sprawling giant deserve access to the same quality product. That innovation and design come from all corners and we need to harness that potential not stifle it. It is important for this technology to be used to the benefit of everyone and ensure that it is available to everyone. Which is why we are crowdfunding our manufacturing revolution. Be a part of the future.

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Haute Fabrication is set to change to face of manufacturing. Join AIR 5.0 the Maker Revolution.



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