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Haute Fabrication offers a vast amount choices from standard ceramics to exotic cermets materials with exceptional mechanical for high quality fabrications with additive manufacturing. Our ceramic and composite ceramic powders for additive manufacturing are developed to offer you the optimum fabrication materials combination for your application and meet even your most demanding industrial needs.

Here at Haute Fabrication, we can supply you with your specific ceramic material you need for your custom 3D printing and fabrication processes. We can provide a number of ceramic based materials and we can supply your ceramic materials in the quantities you need in order to satisfy your customer demands for standard and custom parts and ceramic and composite ceramic products.

A "cermet" is a blend of metal-oxide ceramic (cer) and metal (met) materials. It controls thermal expansion mismatch between the substrate and the functional coating, and is applied as an intermediate coating between the metallic bond coat and the ceramic top coat. Cermets were originally designed for turbine applications, such as thermal barriers and thick clearance control coatings. However, this class of materials can be useful in many applications including 3D printing unique geometries are desired and where severe thermal cycling can cause premature failure of a simple two-layer coating system.

As composites of ceramic and metal materials, cermets act as intermediate materials that resolve thermal expansion mismatches in multiple layer, metallic-ceramic printing and coating systems. They are the ideal solution to boost coating performance and life for applications involving severe thermal cycling.

Haute Fabrication will work with its customers to achieve the custom fabrication of their unique material and geometric needs. This may include development of custom formulation of ceramic materials and the development of customized manufacturing methods. We may frequently partner with both large and small business, universities, non-profits, and government agencies on specialized and targeted research programs.

Your single-source material supplier

We supply a variety of metal / ceramic combinations for use with:

  • Standard ceramic powder mixtures
  • Alumina- and zirconia-based top coat powders
  • Nickel-, aluminum-, and chromium-based bond coat powders

Haute Fabrication goal is to help you efficiently navigate the world of advanced ceramics. Calix is a resource that provides solutions to engineering and technology-based companies. We deliver access to performance enhancing benefits and competitive advantage through advanced ceramic supplies. Ceramics powder solutions from Haute Fabrication can enhance the performance of your product or application by providing technical benefits such as corrosion resistance, wear & abrasion resistance, high-temperature performance, high strength and unique electrical properties. We have a complete and advanced list of Ceramic Material for you to choose from that can be applied to nearly any solution.

Cermet is a generic term typically used to describe a wide range of composites consisting of ceramic particles or grains dispersed in a metal matrix.  In situations where neither ceramics nor metals alone would be ideal, cermets are generally used.  For example, metals are not thermally resistant at higher temperatures and are susceptible to chemical attack, while ceramics excel in this area. However, ceramics often fall short in toughness to resist fracturing, which can be improved by the addition of a metallic binder. Therefore, cermets achieve a wider array of advantageous properties particularly in applications requiring high hardness, strength, toughness, thermal resistance, and chemical resistance.

Typical fabrication methods include powder metallurgy (P/M) 3D printing, pressure molding, infiltration, or thermal spray.  Commonly used metallic binders include nickel, cobalt, molybdenum, and iron.

We have extensive experience and are familiar with the requirements of domestic and international powder metallurgical powder customers.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our capable and experienced engineering staff. Samples for qualification are available upon request.