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On Demand Contract Assembly

When you need trouble-free production from a supply chain solutions provider, with individual components meshing together precisely as planned. Your goal whether requirements is 100 or 1,000,00 units is to bring the complexity of your processes down to manageable levels, focusing on core capabilities while keeping costs to a minimum, reducing waste, and increasing flexibility. We’re here to help by having your on demand contract assembly sourced to us. We are experts in variable on demand manufacturing. We save private companies, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and government entities valuable resources through our array of contract manufacturing and assembly services.

Our cross-trained staff offer complete custom manufacturing as well as automated and semi-automated assembly solutions for clients serving industries such as military, government, and aerospace, automotive, medical and HVAC.

The sustainable path to your future success starts here.

When you sign on to onboard a project with us, you’re signing up for more than a purchase order, you’re signing up for end to end service. You’re joining a network of esteemed experts and partners who are committed to a high standard of excellence—the founding principles we call The Haute Fabrication Way.

Our typical client needs generally would require some combination of: adding on demand production capacity, increasing throughput, shortening lead times, reducing costs or delighting consumers. For us, the key to accomplishing these critical business objectives is relatively simple by utilizing bleeding edge technology to be response to the needs of our clients. It’s contained within the four pillars of The Haute Fabrication Way:

Lean Principals:                We find opportunities to utilize technology to compliment process efficiencies within the supply chain to ensure sustainable quality, production and costs give the most outstanding outcomes.

Optimal Technology:     We feel matching the optimal technology to the client’s needs; we amalgamate the newest cutting technologies to promote the highest process efficiencies.

Aligned Incentives:         We believe clients and team members win when we work together as something organization, our team enjoy benefits and financial incentives that are tied to quality and customer satisfaction.

Servant Leadership:       We succeed through our client’s success. This serve-first philosophy is where the magic happens moves beyond the transactional aspects of management, and instead actively seeks to develop and align with our clients unlock potential, creativity and success based on internal validation with Haute Fabrication’s mission.

The pillars of the Haute Fabrication Way forms our company culture and describe what was typically specialized labor-intensive production is transformed into stream lined automation and roboticization. We inject ‘The Haute Fabrication Way’: Our Secret Sauce for Client Success, which guides us. By utilizing a management team with a highly diverse breadth of background of experience and expertise gained by real world hands on learning, utilizing current leading edge technologies that enable innovation, and designing custom processes that are hand tailored to each project’s objectives.

Contract Assembly Services

Our product assembly services provide clients a way to:

  • gain excess capacity through our rapid on demand capacity program
  • reduce overtime and the need for temporary or seasonable labor
  • lock-in production costs through our fixed material costs and per unit cost pricing
  • benefit from fabrication across many industry verticals

Additional Assembly Services

Haute Fabrication specializes in the complete service of assembly to include:

  • Product inspection
  • Labeling
  • Packaging
  • Final assembly
  • Sub-assembly
  • Disassembly
  • Distribution and fulfillment

Discover the benefits that Haute Fabrication’s contract assembly services can bring as your supply chain solution provider. Our experience, knowledge, and capabilities enable us to assemble products and components of any size to fully complete your production requirements. When quality and precision are job one, our team-oriented solution will provide the care and attention to detail that you’re valuable products deserve and your customers will demand.

Armed with the right tools and well-crafted instructions, our conscientious staff will ensure that parts fit exactly as they should and that the finished product is truly finished. Ample quality control checks and intelligent quality assurance systems is the standard operating procedure for all service offerings, and we readily accommodate customer-specific test requirements. Our contract assembly services can help you reduce costs, inventory requirements, warehousing, improve delivery schedules, and eliminate extra logistics of handling manufactured parts.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur launching your next big product, an established company needing outsourced assembly services or a government entity seeking broader support, Crossroads Industrial Services offers a custom array of solutions all along the manufacturing continuum. We save organizations valuable resources while improving their bottom line through our contract manufacturing, assembly and supply chain services. Our efficient just-in-time and lean manufacturing processes reduce the cost and time required to get products to market and our scalable staffing models support variable volumes for the benefit of our customers.

Haute Manufacturing adds value to the supply chain by assembling metal or plastic fabricated parts and much more. Our experience, knowledge, facilities, and capabilities allow us to assemble a variety of products and components, including electronics, wiring and hydraulic systems, for example.

The benefits of on demand contract assembly to our customers fall into three key strategic categories: cost, quality, and delivery.

  • We reduce costs and add value by reducing steps in the supply chain and by eliminating waste and extra handling of on demand contract manufactured parts. We will have also located our facilities strategically to have access to lower-cost labor options.
  • We improve quality through a simple formula: the more often you touch a part, the higher the likelihood of error or default. The less you touch a part, the higher the quality.
  • Finally, we reduce the costs and waste associated with delivery by assembling manufactured pieces into a complete component, providing finishing processes or even an assembled and completely processed and packaged product, depending upon the customer’s strategic needs. In short, we deliver one component, instead of between ten and a thousand.


Reliable secure cloud-based ERP/CRM/MRP/MES systems with hybrid Integration of Additive Manufacturing and Conventional Manufacturing with Assembly services that are globally distributable and will scale to fit your business needs!

Few solutions are more important to business continuity and a successful fulfillment operation than reliable, intuitive technology. With a streamlined, integrated slate of Order Management, Manufacturing, Warehouse Management Fulfillment systems and Logistics, Haute Fabrication helps B2B or B2C clients move products more efficiently and cost effectively.

We pride ourselves on offering right-size services and integrated system services that fit easily with your current needs now and in the future.


For any scale project, our clients are assigned a single point of contact who will dive deep to learn your business, project goals, specifications and relevant partners. They are dedicated to you to make your life easier. They’ll simplify what the status is, where your products are in the supply chain and provide accurate and straightforward information regarding fulfillment, order status, shipping and quality. If you ever have a question about a system configuration, KPI or budget item, your account manager is your go-to highly available source of information.

At Haute Fabrication, we know that while the process begins with fabrication, forming, stamping, molding, CNC processing, coating and assembly, it doesn’t end there. We have the facilities and the expertise to see the job through to the end—assembling parts into a component or a complete product.

Through on demand contract assembly you rely on our expertise and strategic regional locations, we decrease the costs associated with delivery and inventory while, more importantly, ensuring significantly higher quality by eliminating steps and chances for error and reducing costs and waste in the supply chain.

For more information about our capabilities in Assembly or if you are ready to discuss how we can help you achieve your business goals as an on demand contract manufacturer strategic outsource, please contact us today.

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