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Haute Fabrication is a full featured service provider to also offer expert 3d scanning services, Reverse Engineering, Inspection / Quality control, CAD and product design to complement our fabrication and assembly services. Our state of the art technology includes thermography scanner, spectrometer, blue light scanners, laser scanners, and Coordinate-Measuring Machine CMM measurement devices. We use many dedicated hardware and software solutions for inspection services and free-form surface modeling.  We specialize in advanced CAD services like parametric modeling, class A modeling,  3D printing services, and extends to legacy 2D to 3D data conversion.

Parts are first digitized using on of our 3D Scanning, non-contact devices. The resulting point cloud is processed into a 3D 3MF mesh. This can be enhanced to single micron level accuracy on all measurements made with our multiple axis CMM systems. The CMM provides our most accurate metrology services. This can get parts measured individually or in bulk in little to no time at all.

Further, reverse engineering is done by surface modeling the 3MF into a full engineering-grade CAD mode and utilizing 3MF by differing materials potentially used by the targeted part. The model can be further processed as a fully parametric 3D model as a native file formats for specific CAD software.  Additionally, Laser tracker takes micron level measurements at greater distances and larger components. Haute Fabrication is your one stop shop for proof of concept, prototyping, mass manufacturing and advanced metrology-grade inspections to also offer other accepted quality assurance testing processes for certifications and qualification testing.

3D scanner technology performs surface height measurements of parts using Coherence Scanning Interferometry (CSI) using spectrally-broadband (‘blue-light’) illumination. Various scanning interferometer configurations may be used such as white light and laser scanning to measure macroscopic objects with surface profiles measuring in the centimeter range, to microscopic parts with surface profiles measuring in the micrometer range (µm). Hate Fabrication uses its 3D scanner technology to inspect each targeted part to insure specification conformance.

Additionally, 3D scanning is also a useful tool for FEA analysis, reverse engineering, obsolete part re-creation, and quality assurance measures. Our software platform combined with blue-light and laser scan technology creates a powerful 3D tool for file creation, when combined with CMM offers superior part inspection, quality assurance reporting, and one-off part production with tight design tolerances.

Our goal is to build on its "customer-first" approach to client needs and design need driven innovation and is the first in the industry to provide this level of integrated automated services and transparency - saving customers time, reducing cost, and speeding their time from their first part to mass production.

Get anything scanned and converted into a working CAD model that fits your need. All common file formats supported. Fully compatible with Solidworks, Catia, Siemens NX, Pro/E, Inventor etc.

3D scanning and Reverse Engineering is not to be used solely for product design or replication, when in fact it actually can be used to address many other engineering functional needs such as:

Product design and manufacturing

  • Legacy part repair and re-manufacturing
  • Product benchmarking
  • Documentation, Measurement and archival
  • Product redesign and development
  • Defect/deterioration documentation
  • As-is analysis

Custom manufacturing

  • Re-engineering previously produced products
  • Custom-fit products
  • Transportation component enhancement
  • Combining previously multiple components into to a single or only a few parts
  • Medical implants and devices

For these design, engineering and manufacturing applications, the output is usually a mesh (3MF file), NURBS surface or 3D CAD model (static and parametric). Contact us today about your specific needs.